Rules Glory Hole - Carpfishing


As the well-being of our fish is our top priority, we kindly ask for your understanding that our rules are based on that principle.


Non-compliance with these rules will be cautioned with a warning once. A second violation will result in immediate expulsion from the pond area.
Any payments already made will not be refunded.


How to handle the fish


     Supply and photography: Carp weighing more than 20 kg ONLY in the water (water mats available on site)! Kneel ONLY over the unhooking mat. Bring waders for colder seasons.


     We have decided that, due to the HPV virus (in Hungary), private landing nets, cradles, and weigh slings are no longer allowed! We have purchased sets from reputable manufacturers for each fishing spot, which will be provided free of charge. If anything gets damaged or broken, it must be reported and paid for by the angler! The prices for these items are landing net €100, cradle €80, and weigh sling €60.


     This is duty and a requirement for fishing at Glory Hole - Carp fishing lake!!


     A bucket of fresh water must always be available to keep the unhooking mat and the fish wet during photography, measuring, and weighing.


     The fish can only be taken out of the water for a few minutes, so please keep your camera, weigh sling, etc. within reach at all times.


     Keeping fish in retaining slings or sacks is prohibited!


     If you notice that a fish is injured or not in good health, please contact the fishery ranger.


     An infirmary for minor injuries must be carried at all times!




     Ready-made boilies and particles are allowed. We kindly request that you use only high-quality boilies for the well-being of our fish and preferably without preservatives!


     PVA is tolerated!


     Tiger nuts are prohibited - they can only be used as hook bait.




     Only barbless and micro barbed hooks are allowed.


     Monofilament shock leaders are mandatory (minimum length 15 meters; minimum diameter 0.60 mm).


     Tapered shock leaders from 0.36 to 0.58 mm are allowed for casting.


Braided shock leaders are strictly prohibited!


     In the event of a lost and swam fish, the lead must be released!! Safety rigs must be used.


     Flexible foam markers that do not hold the line during a fight when surrounded by a fish, and markers that can be cast out with the rod, are allowed. All other H-markers, etc. are prohibited!




       A maximum of 3 rods per angler is allowed, changes after agreement.


       Minimum line strength is 0.35 mm.


       No unattended rods when leaving the fishing spot. All rods must be reeled in.






     Drilling fish from the boat is prohibited.


     Bait boats for setting up the rig are allowed, and inflatable boats are tolerated.


     Electric motors are not allowed!


     The fishing rods must be cast at a right angle from the shore and not beyond the middle of the lake within casting distance.


General information


     Please keep the areas clean, including cigarette butts. Garbage bags can be placed in the designated holders, but must be disposed of properly!


     Altering the shoreline is strictly prohibited.


     Bonfires are strictly forbidden, but grills are allowed! Fire pits are allowed as long as there is no risk of fire.


     Tents must be set up in the designated areas and the access road must be kept clear. Each spot is accessible by car for loading and unloading. Afterward, cars must be parked in the parking lot.


     Only green or nature-adapted tents are allowed on our premises. This also applies to rain protection tents, etc. We appreciate your understanding!


     There are shopping opportunities near our lake.


     Dogs are allowed with prior notification. Owners are responsible for their pets and we expect dog waste bags to be used!


Non-compliance with these rules will be noted with a warning as a first offense. A second violation will result in immediate expulsion from the pond area.
The payments already made will not be refunded.


Legal notice: The operator and issuer of the Glory Hole - Carpfishing shall not be held liable for any external circumstances, bad weather, thefts, and accidents on the lake premises. All parties agree to hold harmless and indemnify in any case.